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Your personal knowledge AI

Capture and instantly retrieve your knowledge effortlessly.



Capture ideas and knowledge that matter to you - urls, documents, images. 


The more you share, keepi will save and learn more, creating insights from your knowledge. 


Using AI, Keepi enriches and organizes your knowledge so you can easily find it later.


Use your personal knowledge on the go or in the office to leverage your knowledge.

What Our Clients Say

“With I feel like I have the wisdom of the world at my fingertips, right in WhatsApp - one of my most used apps! For me is a life saver”

Linda James,
New York

“I get so many voice messages on WhatsApp which are so time consuming and I can't listen to them during meetings. I simply forward them to and immediately get back a text with content of the message”

James Parker San Francisco

“Besides answering any question I have, can draw beautiful pictures for me. I just start a message with the word Draw! I can get creative at any moment in time.”

Rome, Italy

Ready to unlock your knowledge's full potential? Start your Keepi journey today!

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