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Welcome to Keepi's support page. Here you can find information about how to use Keepi to the max. 

Audio - you can talk to Keepi by sending audio messages from WhatsApp. Just click on the microphone button above the keyboard on the right.

Draw - create beautiful images by sending a message starting with the word draw followed by the description of the image you would like to create.


/h - show the Help Menu with all available commands

/f - send us feedback starting your message with the word /f followed by your feedback.  For example - "/f keepi you are awesome!"

/i - send keepi /i to discover new prompts that you can use

/r - regenerate the last prompt in case you would like Keepi to return a different response.

Private Memory

With Private Memory, you can save important dates, facts or information that is only accessible by yourself. 

/s - to save a memory. For example, /s my anniversary is on 01/01/2010

/q - to query the memory. For example, /q when are my important dates? 

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